About us


Formed in 2010, pursues, in its institutional purposes, the preservation and development of the historical and architectural heritage of Demonte, in addition to the realization of cultural events with the aim of attracting tourists and enthusiasts in Demonte.

The headquarters is in Vicolo dell’Archivolto # 1 in the Municipal Library, the library also managed by the Association volunteers.

The registered office is in Via Martyrs and Fallen for Freedom 13 (in Demonte City Hall).

Since the summer of 2015 also takes care of Cultutale multipurpose space, located in the second floor of Palazzo Borelli with the organization of contemporary art exhibitions / conferences on sculpture and art presented.
Since 2010 were 25 concerts offered to the public, 4 exhibition of paintings, many historically-themed evenings, topical, 2 pageants, numerous presentations of books, etc.


Registered Office: Via Martiri e Caduti per la Libertà n.13 – Demonte CN (Demonte Hall).
Headquarters: Vicolo dell’Archivolto n.1 – Demonte CN

Tax Code: 96081490045